Welcome to the official site of the Goshen Gridiron Club. The Goshen Gridiron Club is a non-profit organization whose members consist of former players, coaches, managers, and community boosters of the Goshen football program. The Gridiron Club was created to provide Goshen football with financial support and help promote awareness of Goshen football throughout the community.
The Gridiron Club will use its resources to benefit all levels of Goshen football from the Junior Football League through the High School. The Gridiron Club also serves as a way for former players, coaches and contributors to follow the team and keep in contact with each other. The annual membership dues for the Gridiron Club are twenty-five dollars ($25). The Gridiron Club is a tax exempt organization, so all donations are tax deductible. By joining the Gridiron Club, you will support the kids in all of the Goshen football programs and your membership will provide you with a way to keep in touch with other former Redskins and Redhawks. The Gridiron Club is committed to helping Goshen football continue its proud tradition. If you would like to join the Gridiron Club, please send a $25.00 check made payable to the Goshen Gridiron Club at P.O. Box 575, Goshen, IN 46527.
Goshen Gridiron Club Board:
Steve Swihart - President | Brian Thompson - Vice President | David Swihart -Secretary/Treasurer
Ken Mirer - Board Member | Travis Elliott - Board Member | Mike Biller - Board Member
Brad Park - Board Member | Joe Camacho - Board Member