Goshen High School
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We believe at Goshen that in order to be a successful football program, we must prepare our kids to succeed on and off the field. We emphasize a set of both personal and team characteristics. These are what we expect from our kids when they sign up to be a part of Goshen Football. We ask our kids to be thankful for what they have, keep a positive attitude, find a passion, be faithful in whatever you commit to, treat people as they want to be treated, be humble, and take responsibility for themselves. As a team, we ask them to believe in the system we teach, trust their teammates, give of themselves for the betterment of the team, get better every day, and sell the system to others.
These two areas of character will be our focus each and every day. This is our foundation. If we are committed to the standards above, we will build an incredible environment. In turn success on the football field will take care of itself. These personal characteristics that we strive for are not temporary. They are not something that we focus on just during the football season; rather these characteristics guide our lives and in turn direct and shape our future. The methods of how we choose to guide our lives define us as individuals.
Varsity Staff
Joey Hecklinski - Head Coach | Ted Pajakowski - Asst. Coach
Darin Holsopple - Asst. Coach | Gregg Zentz - Asst. Coach | Thomas Heim - Asst. Coach
Gabe Aguilar - Asst. Coach | Bryce Clouse - Asst. Coach | Bryan Fossett - Asst. Coach
Goshen Junior High
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Welcome to GJHS Football! Many exciting opportunities are available for all students. The administration, coaches, and support staff look forward to helping your child continue their athletic careers. We hope that your child enjoys the fun and excitement that comes from being part of a successful program. Our junior high program is the next step to playing under the lights at Foreman Field. At this level, we strive to continue to develop athletes to become well rounded in the skills needed to be a successful football player.
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The Goshen Junior Football League is an instructional league designed to teach the 4th, 5th and 6th grade youth the basic fundamentals and skills of tackle football in a team format. Emphasis is placed on having fun while learning and not to encourage an individual-oriented competitive attitude. Visit the JFL website.